Awesome Snacks to Kick Sugar Cravings!

These low sugar snacks are the perfect combination of fibre, protein and monounsaturated fats (the good-for-you fats) without adding in all the sugar found in most processed foods and puddings! We’ve been careful to ensure that each of these snacks fall in the single digits for added sugar – None of which have more than 8g of sugar in per portion.

But how easy is it to be sure something is “low sugar” when you’re out at the shops? First things first, make sure you look for snacks made with a real, whole food as the primary ingredients (e.g., a packed snack that lists “oranges” instead of fruit puree, concentrate or syrup).

Up next, be sure it is the lowest in total sugar when you compare it to the other products on the shelf and that when you look on the back sugar isn’t the first or second ingredients. There are lots of sneaky names companies use to hide the word “sugar”, these can include: agave nectar, brown rice syrup, honey, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, maple syrup, invert sugar, evaporated cane juice, glucose and glucose syrup – So keep your eyes peeled!

Finally, if you’re looking for a fruit-based or dairy snack, make sure you’re looking for the unsweetened instead of the original flavour!

Ultimately, choosing fresh, unsweetened & natural is often a great bet, ideally if you can pair them with different kinds of seeds, nuts and legumes – this will give you a great hit of protein and fibre which will ensure you have plenty of energy and feel fuller for longer!

  1. Suzero low sugar snack bars
    • Get your bar fix with these nut-based snacks which have less than 2g of sugar in! When compared with other bars these are sure to come out of top with great taste and hardly any sugar! They are a tasty source of protein and provide fibre from real, whole food ingredients that we know you’ll love like Pecans, Almonds & Hazelnuts (not that we’re biased…)
  2. Low Sugar Greek Yoghurt
    • Low-sugar Greek yoghurts are great at keeping you full & really satisfy those cravings you have for something creamy!
  3. Grapefruit
    • What’s not to love?! They provide all the antioxidants of the other citrus fruits in a bigger juicier form. One of the best bits about these is that it’s a low glycemic index fruit meaning that it will raise your blood sugar less than something like a banana or some other fruits would.
  4. Hard-Boiled Eggs
    • Hear us out, hard boiled eggs might sound a bit tame & boring, but don’t forget you can cook them in bulk and season them just how you like! These must be one of the most simple & nutritious snacks you can have. Each egg contains are much as 8g of protein as well as essential nutrients like beta-carotene & choline which are absolutely vital for general immunity & cardiovascular health.
  5. Apples & Peanut Butter
    • This is delicious combo packs a serious fibre punch as well as topping up your protein and energy! Be sure to mix and match this with other variations of nut butters like cashew and almond for a sweeter & creamier taste!
  6. Veggies & Dip
    • Make sure you’re getting fancy with this one! Veggies are a great replacement for things like bread and crackers obviously making for a heartier more nutritious meal! Not only is it packed with fibre and other essential nutrients, because of it’s low calorie count you can eat lots and lots of it! Dips always make great pairings to veggies, and our favourite is hummus.
  7. Berries With Cottage Cheese
    • All fruit is a perfect choice since the sugar found in fruit is naturally occurring rather than added (except some dried fruit), but berries are both high in fibre but also low in sugar again helping you to fill fuller for longer. Grab yourself a handful of berries & combine them with approximately 65g of cottage cheese for a sweet filling treat!
  8. Roasted Pistachios
    • We’re big on nuts at Suzero and are very aware of how delicious and nutritious they are! These nuts are absolutely packed full of antioxidants, protein, fibre and monounsaturated fats (good fats) which obviously makes them very filling and super nutritious. Obviously they deshelling can be a little fiddly but this is good to help you slow down whilst you’re snacking rather than mindlessly eating a whole pack!
  9. Steamed Artichokes
    • Yes it seems gourmet, but it’s actually super easy and really delicious! It’s as simple as steaming the artichoke in the microwave then flavouring (we recommend lemon juice & a bit of salt and pepper… yum). Make sure you’ve got some hummus handy to dip your Artichoke in!!
  10. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
    • Like all seeds, they contain very little sugar but come loaded with flavour! Don’t forget they’re a great source of protein & fibre kick!

Let us know your favourites!

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