Suzero Low Sugar Keto Vegan Cherry & Coconut Parfait Recipe

Suzero Low Sugar Keto Vegan Cherry & Coconut Parfait Recipe

Well, we have another absolute banger of a recipe for you here! This is the recipe that you'll put all over your Instagram profile for your adoring fans who love to sit and gaze at your incredible culinary skills and wonder why you haven't launched a cookbook yet. You know we like to mix up our recipes so that some include our amazing low sugar snack bars and some don't, but trust us when we say that our Cherry & Coconut bars are essential for this recipe. Okay, get your phones ready, Instagram content coming up:



1. Begin by placing the frozen cherries into a small saucepan with a dash of water. Allow to stew for 5 minutes, until cherries soften & take off the heat.

2. Save half of the coconut yoghurt, into a glass jar or bowl, top with half of the stewed cherry mixture, crumbled Suzero bar then the coconut chips & repeat until you have layers.

3. Top the final bowl with fresh cherries & crumbled Suzero Bar, enjoy!

It's as simple as that. Enjoy and tag us when you share your creations on social media @suzerosnacks! 

Love, The Suzero Team 



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