The 10 Best Snack Ideas When Managing Diabetes!

The 10 Best Snack Ideas When Managing Diabetes!

Picking the best healthy snacks when your managing diabetes can be difficult. It’s important to remember to choose snacks which are full of fibre, monounsaturated fats (healthy fats) & protein. It is also key to ensure you’re eating lots of nutrient-dense foods that will aid your complete health. 

Below you'll find our top 10 best snack ideas when managing diabetes (or following a low carb or keto diet):

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1. Vegetable Batons & Hummus

  • Hummus is blended chickpeas and is an amazing accompaniment for vegetable batons.
  • Both parts of this tasty snack are rich in fibre and essential vitamins & minerals.
  • As well as this, hummus contains ample protein with around 3 grams per tablespoon. The low sugar & high protein and fibre content have been shown to help blood sugar control in people who have diabetes.
  • Some of our favourite Vegetables to dip in Hummus are Carrots, Cucumbers, Broccoli & Bell Peppers.

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2. Avocados 

  • The monounsaturated fats (good fats) & high fibre content in Avocado’s make’s them very suitable for snacking on if you are diabetic.
  • Avocados are great because you can eat them on their own, or you can mush it up into guacamole! As avocados are quite high in calories, we suggest sticking to a serving of between a quarter to a half of an avocado.

Creamy Cottage Cheese by Tracy Wilkinson in Bali. A Thermomix <sup ...

3. Cottage Cheese

  • Cottage cheese is an awesome snack for people with diabetes.
  • Around 100g serving of cottage cheese has been shown to provide a range of vital vitamins and minerals as well as being packed full of protein (13g)!
  • It’s also been suggested that consuming cottage cheese can help blood sugar management. A study by Nuttall & Gannon (2004) found that men who ate 25 grams of cottage cheese with 50 grams of sugar had 38% lower blood sugar afterwards, compared to the group which consumed sugar without cottage cheese!
  • Cottage cheeses blood sugar-reducing effect have regularly been put down to its high protein content.
  • Whilst it’s a great snack by itself, it’s not uncommon to be mixed with fruit and seeds – top yourselves up on extra vitamins and minerals.


4. Suzero Snack Bars

  • Suzero bars make an excellent snack for diabetics.
  • Each bar is high in fibre as well as being a great source of protein (not to mention that they taste delicious).
  • These bars are also an excellent source of monounsaturated fats which have been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease!

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5. Popcorn

  • Popcorn today is still a very popular go-to healthy whole-grain snack (provided it’s not covered in sugar or butter!)
  • It is well regarded as a great snack for diabetics because of it’s low-calorie density.
  • The idea behind snacking on low-calorie foods can help people control their own weights which in turn can reduce blood sugar levels leading to better management of type 2 diabetes.
  • As we said above, because most popcorn is prepacked with salt, trans-fats and other nasty ingredients, you’re much better off air-popping your own!

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6. Chia Seed Pudding

  • This is made very simply by soaking chia seeds in milk (this can be normal milk or almonds, cashew or even soya until it achieves a pudding-like density.
  • This is an awesome snack for diabetics because chia seeds are renowned for being full of nutrients known to help stabilize blood sugar including fibre, Omega-3 fatty acids & protein!
  • Not only is this a great diabetic snack, but it’s also great for everyone as chia seeds have been shown to aid decreasing triglyceride levels which in turn can help your heart!

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7. Peanut Butter Celery Batons

  • A great way to enjoy Celery sticks is to dunk them into peanut butter.
  • Celery contains very few calories (only 16 per 100g). This is excellent to help you manage your weight and in turn, help control type 2 diabetes.
  • Celery is also great because it is full of Flavones which have been identified as important for lowering blood sugar levels.
  • Not only is the peanut butter delicious, but it also increases the fibre & protein content of the snack again helping to control your blood sugar.

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8. A Handful of Almonds

  • One serving (28g) of these delicious nuts provides over 10 necessary vitamins and minerals, including over 30% of the recommended daily intake for manganese & 17% for riboflavin!
  • Various pieces of research have come to the same conclusion, that almonds may help control blood sugar. A study involving over 50 participants found that those who added almonds to their diets every day for 6 months experienced a 3% decrease in their long-term blood sugar levels.
  • As well as this, a pioneering study in our field found that 20 adults which consumed over 50g of almonds a day for a month found a decrease of 9% in their blood sugars – as well as this it was reported their levels of insulin were decreased.
  • Again, the nutritional make-up of almonds is what helps them stabilize blood sugar, the fibre, protein & fat content is crucial in maintaining and managing blood sugars.

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9. Yoghurt & Berries

  • There are so many benefits of this diabetic snack, we’re struggling to find a place to start…
  • Berries are an amazing source of fibre, one cup (148gram) serving of blueberries contains around 4 grams of fibre which have been shown to help manage blood sugar levels after eating. As well as this, berries can help prevent damage to your pancreas which is the organ responsible for releasing hormones that manage your blood sugar.
  • Not forgetting the amazing benefits of yoghurt! Yoghurts are rich in probiotics which have been shown to improve your body’s ability to metabolize foods, particularly those which contain lots of sugar. It’s also super high in protein which as we know is really important for the management of our blood sugars.

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10. Seed Mix/Trail Mix

  • This tasty mix is the product of combining a range of seeds, dried fruit and your favourite nuts.
  • One serving (28g) of seed mix can provide around 4g of protein which is ideal for controlling blood sugars but also inducing that feeling of satiety.
  • As this tasty mix contains nuts, it’s naturally high in healthy fats & fibre which again have been shown to aid lowering blood sugar and insulin levels.
  • You’ve got to be slightly careful when eating trail mix though as the dried fruit is often quite high in sugar and may cause a spike in blood sugar if too much is consumed.

In a nutshell…

There are a great range of snacks you can make at home to help manage your diabetes.

Generally, if you can choose a snack that is high in fibre, protein & healthy fats there shouldn’t be too much of a spike or drop in your blood sugar levels.

People with type 2 diabetes, unfortunately, have a higher risk of obesity & heart disease, meaning it is really important that they focus on foods which are really nutrient-dense & healthy.

Snacking whilst you are trying to manage your diabetes doesn’t have to be a pain. There are lots of quick and simple snack ideas out there to help you keep healthy and on-the-go.

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