How we started our low sugar snack bar company!

How we started our low sugar snack bar company!

It all started with a bet. Yeah, you read that right, a bet. Now we're not gambling people, but when Ollie bet Sam £50 that he couldn't give up sugar for a whole month, Sam jumped at the chance to win some easy money! 

The rules were simple; no food or drink products that contained sugar and the only 'sugar' that could be consumed was from fruit. This meant creating recipes from scratch and paying close attention to the ingredients in the food Sam was cooking and eating. As a keen sportsman, Sam ate a lot of snack bars as they were an easy, 'healthy' snack that he could chuck in his bag and eat whenever. What Sam had never done was to actually look at the nutritional information in these so-called 'healthy' snacks. 

Sam was shocked when he learnt that some of the most popular 'healthy' snack bars contained as much as 60% of his RDI of sugar! Why were these snack bar brands marketed as being healthy? Both Ollie and Sam thought this was unfair on all the customers wanted honestly healthy snacks, so they decided to create their own recipe from scratch. Suzero was born!

All Suzero low sugar snack bars contain less than 2g of sugar per, are made using only nine, 100% natural ingredients and contain no artifical flavours, preservatives or colours. Suzero low sugar snack bars are suitable for people following a keto (ketogenic) diet and are 100% vegan (plant based)!

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