Our Mission

Reduce the prevalence of obesity and diabetes while reversing the environmental impact of food manufacturing, packaging and distribution.

Our mission statement is not something we use as a wall quote or laptop screensaver: it's our passion, our driving force. Let us tell you why ...

Obesity & Diabetes Prevalence 

Both obesity and diabetes are identified as global epidemics by a wide range of international health organisations. The numbers make for uneasy reading; 

  • Of UK adults, 28.7% are obese and 35.6% are overweight
  • Globally, 1.9 billion adults are obese
  • By 2040, diabetes will affect 642 million people worldwide. Currently, an estimated 415 million people suffer with diabetes globally

High sugar diets are a major contributing factor to both obesity and diabetes prevalence rates. At Suzero, we're passionate about creating honestly healthy food and drink products which contain absolutely no nasties: that's why we operate with 100% transparency with all of our products and supply chain.  

However, we believe that simply developing low sugar food and drink products isn't enough. The education and practise of identifying, preparing and consuming natural, healthy food is key to combating obesity and diabetes.

Environmental Impact

By becoming part of the Suzero family you're reducing your environmental impact more than you think. These stats might surprise you;

  • 12.7 million tonnes of plastic packaging enter the worlds oceans every year
  • Food distribution by road accounts for 25% of the UK’s CO2 emissions
  • The manufacturing, distribution and retail of food goods within the UK creates 15 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year

Whilst we have taken every possible step to make Suzero as least environmentally damaging as possible, we can always do more. We're currently investing time and resources to reduce our environmental impact further by;

  • Swapping our snack bar 'flow wrap' (the branded wrapper that our bars are delivered in) to paper alternatives that can be recycled with less energy consumption. Although our current 'flow wrap' is widely recyclable, we have identified that some recycling sites use lots of energy (often from un-renewable sources). 
  • Encouraging our customers to join the Suzero family by subscribing to monthly deliveries allows us to better forecast our logistics to minimise transport waste (empty space in vans and lorries). This leads to a reduction in fuel for delivery vehicles but significantly reduces the amount of packaging we are required to use. 
  • Refining our manufacturing technique to streamline our production flow and reduce the amount of energy required to produce our range of low sugar snack bars. All Suzero low sugar snack bars are produced using a 'cold pressed' technique, which reduces our energy consumption during production and retains the nutritional benefits of our ingredients better than if we were to bake our bars. 


Healthy eating can be expensive, often unnecessarily so. When we launched Suzero, everyone at Suzero HQ agreed that all Suzero products should always be priced as fairly possible to make sure that every type of customer has access to healthy, 100% natural, low sugar food and drink products.

However, our promise to making healthy eating affordable does not mean we cut corners on the quality of our ingredients or manufacturing process. Instead, we use ingredient suppliers who share our passion for combating obesity and diabetes. Aligning our full supply chain to our brand mission allows us to be 100% focused in addressing the issues we feel we can make a positive impact on.