The Suzero Story

Our Story

Suzero was founded back in 2014 after Ollie made a bet with Sam that he couldn't give up sugar for a whole month. Ollie and Sam were studying Sport & Exercise Science at university and both had a keen interest in how great our diets impact our everyday lives. Sam thought that winning the £50 bet would be easy; there are loads of products in the supermarkets that are 'healthy', right? Wrong. Sam was shocked to find that some of the most popular snack bars on the shelves of multiple supermarkets contained as much as 60% of his recommended daily intake (RDI) of sugar. What made this discovery worse was that most of these brands were popular snacks for children! 

Much to the delight of their parents, Ollie and Sam decided that this was incredibly wrong (we actually say it should be illegal) and made the decision to develop a recipe an honestly healthy, low sugar snack bar recipe from scratch in their university halls of residence. These initial bars were terrible but like all great entrepreneurs, Ollie and Sam knew that their bars weren't 'there' just yet. 

Fast forward 13 months of recipe developments, thousands of bars produced by hand and forced upon any student brave enough to look up from their phone to give feedback to Ollie and Sam, the pair created 'the one'. This was the recipe that gave them all of their desired product nutritional USP's:

  • Less than 2g of natural and added sugar per bar
  • Made using only 9, 100% natural ingredients that are easily recognisable
  • No artificial flavours, preservatives and colours
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Vegan
  • High in fibre
  • A source of protein 
  • Handmade here in the UK

Since creating 'the one', the pair have made constant improvements with feedback from customers all over the world! The Suzero brand was created to serve the customers who Ollie and Sam felt were being mislead by other 'healthy' snacking brands. That means that you, yes you reading this, have built this brand and business with your feedback and vision for healthier snacking options. 

As Suzero continues to grow internationally, the Suzero Team love nothing more than receiving emails, DM's or letters from customers who tell us how much they're enjoying our bars or give us feedback to improve the bars further!