Our Projects

The After School Club

The Suzero After School Club is an initiative we implemented at the beginning of 2020 with the aim of educating children and young adults on the importance of making more informed choices when it comes to choosing the right food, with a focus on snacking after school. We travel around the country delivering assemblies & talks to children and young adults on how to make more informed choices when it comes to snacking & lead a more healthy, active lifestyle.

Why do we do it?

At Suzero we believe that education is vital in helping children understand the importance of eating nutritious and functional food. In the UK, the average child is consuming more than double their recommended daily allowance for sugar (5-6 years old RDA for sugar: 19g, 7-10 years old RDA: 24g & 11+ RDA: 30g). This excess consumption is strongly correlated with childhood obesity, early onset Diabetes & dental complications.

We believe we can help children & young adults understand the importance of choosing the right snacks and make more informed decisions. This will not only benefit their health in the present, but also for the rest of their lives by developing their understanding and their knowledge of nutritious food. The Suzero After School Club is here to help both parents and children understand that even some of the ‘healthy snacks’ available can often be misleading & the best way to navigate the complicated shopping aisles is by broadening your understanding of which food is good food.

What do kids eat after school?

There’s an abundance of research available on the amount of sugar & fat found in kid’s snacks, particularly surrounding breakfast bars, breakfast cereals and specific fruit juices. However, there is a distinct lack of research into what children are eating after school. Parents are busy and don’t we all wish there was an extra hour in the day! So, when something is branded like it’s healthy, we expect it to be healthy. But some of the most popular ‘healthy' snacks contain half a child's daily recommended allowance in one small pack or bar!

At Suzero, our passion is to produce only the most nutritious (don’t forget delicious!) snacks that children & parents can enjoy together knowing they are genuinely eating a bar that is good for them & the planet.