Our Story

The Bet

Suzero was founded after Ollie made a bet with Sam that he couldn't give up sugar for a whole month while studying at university. The bet, to win £50, forced Sam to remove food and drinks with added and naturally high sugar contents. As a keen sportsman, Sam ate a lot of snack bars as these were marketed as being healthy alternatives to other snacks between meals and training sessions. However, when he was forced to give up sugar for a whole month, Sam was shocked to find that some of the best selling snack bars on the market contained around 50% of his recommended daily sugar allowance in one bar!

With snack bars banned for the duration of the sugar free month, Sam and Ollie decided to create their own recipe for a snack bar containing less than 2g of sugar per bar. They tasted horrible but Sam won the £50 bet. The pair felt frustrated that 'healthy' snack bars were misleading to customers and knew they wanted to sort this by launching their own, completely honest and transparent snack bar brand. Suzero was born. 

Developing our recipe

The Suzero bars you can enjoy today are very different from the bars Sam and Ollie originally created. With help from their close friend, Jake, Suzero bars have undergone major improvements and are constantly developing with feedback from the people who matter most: our customers. However, one thing that never changes is our promise that all Suzero bars must have the following benefits;

  • Less than 2g of natural and added sugar per bar
  • 100% natural ingredients 
  • No artificial flavours, preservatives or colours
  • Gluten and dairy free
  • Vegan 
  • A source of protein
  • High in fibre
  • Handmade here in the UK

Unlike other snack bar brands, we don't use ingredients you can't pronounce or recognise the names of in order to achieve our impressive benefits. Suzero is a brand built upon honesty and transparency: the only surprise you'll get with Suzero bars is how good they taste!

Growing Suzero

In order to get Suzero to the brand it is today, we've had a lot of support from some amazing people. From our incredible manufacturing partners to business mentors, Suzero is our passion and we love nothing more than knowing our customers are able to eat 100% real, honestly healthy snacks without having to worry about hidden nasties. 

Our plans to grow Suzero include developing our product range (tackling other misleading 'healthy' snacking products) and to reach customers far away from our base in Hertfordshire, UK. None of this is possible without you, our amazing customers, so please keep enjoying our bars as much as we enjoy growing Suzero!